Accessible Fine Jewelry Essentials

Addison Everly was formed from the idea that fine jewelry should be accessible to the everyday woman without exception. We are a fine jewelry brand driven on the idea that quality jewelry made with the finest materials can still be affordable and luxurious.  In the traditional retail model, women are forced to pay exorbitant markups for jewelry that is also poorly crafted or uses inferior materials such as gold plating, vermiel and other filled metals. We intend to disrupt this old model of paying too much by streamlining our production, reducing the traditional costs of having a retail location and providing superior products while passing the savings on to our customers.

Addison Everly Fine Jewelry is based out of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and works with a network of professional jewelers, designers and manufacturers in the area as well as New York City. We keep our production domestic to maintain oversight on all aspects of our production and sell our pieces directly to you through our online store. Through this process, we are able to offer you the best prices with no middleman. Buying a piece of fine jewelry should be about the experience and we strive to make yours truly exceptional.